The Journey Through Hallowed Ground

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JTHG Resources for Teachers

A Fresh Approach to Teaching American History 

The Journey Through Hallowed Ground Partnership offers a diverse range of educational resources designed to help history and civics teachers incorporate local historic sites into their teaching. From innovative lesson plans to immersive Extreme Journey camps and field trip guides, these creative resources present new tools that teachers can use to transform their approach to teaching American history, ensuring that students effectively understand the material and develop their own opinions on how our nation’s past affects their future.

ATTENTION TEACHERS: Northern Virginia Community College Loudoun Campus | Spring Semester 2013

History 205 – Regional History: Adopting “The Journey Through Hallowed Ground” for your use

 Course Description: History 205 seeks to offer educators, students of history, students of historic preservation, and students of the historic landscape in which they live a means to view local historic sites as being of value to them on a regular basis in their teaching, studies, and with their civic involvement, both to enliven it and to acculturate themselves and their students and associates to the Journey Through Hallowed Ground National Heritage Area.  The course will discuss creative ways to view historic sites and their uses, and to consider ways to hurdle the many roadblocks in our way when desiring to extend our learning and that of our students and neighbors beyond the classroom in our use of these sites.  Offerings of some classic sites within the Journey Through Hallowed Ground National Heritage Area will be examined, with a special emphasis on local places of value.  Field trips will demonstrate just what these historic sites can do to change how we view our own back yards, in hopes that we may pass on this epiphany.   Course participants will adopt a local historic site for their classroom, for their personal studies, or for the civic group in which they are involved and begin to develop ways to make use of this site to bring a greater understanding of history where we live for them-selves, for their students, or for their associates and neighbors   The end product from students will be a site adoption plan, examining their site’s history, themes, and a way to make personal or group use of the site.

First Class is January 17, 2013 at NVCC Loudoun Campus. Please see flyer HERE and scholarship applications available HERE.

  • Teacher Development Programs

    Take the Journey… then… Teach the Journey

  • Lesson Plans

    The Journey Through Hallowed Ground Partnership  provides comprehensive lesson plans designed to challenge and engage students as they examine the people, events, and ideals that shaped American history along the journey from Gettysburg to Monticello.

  • Field Trip Guides

    Plan a field trip to the place Where America Happened ™ using our guides as a tool.

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