The Journey Through Hallowed Ground

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JTHG Teacher Development Program

Take the Journey… then… Teach the Journey

To assist educators in obtaining their mandated Continuing Education Units (CEU’s), JTHG partners with other organizations to develop unique, content-based professional development programs. Designed to reignite a teacher’s passion for their subject area, JTHG teacher professional development programs will re-energize their love of history.

GIS Teacher

The Journey Through Hallowed Ground Partnership offers a college-level course that allows teachers to further their education and develop new skills in teaching the history. This immersive development program offers educators a valuable opportunity to experience historical sites along the Journey. 

After walking the Underground Railroad, reliving a Revolutionary War ambush, or sitting in the very farmhouse where John Brown planned the Harpers Ferry raid, a teacher connects with the subject matter on a personal level and, subsequently, incorporates these first-hand experiences into his or her teaching plans.

What people are saying about JTHG Continuing Education Program for Teachers:

“I can hang the rest of what I want to do in the curriculum on these historic places.” 
- Fourth grade Loudoun County teacher

  • Learning Opportunities

    Through weekly adventures in the field and discussions thereafter, History 205  helps educators learn to use local historic sites in their teaching, both to enliven it and to introduce students to the significance of the history in their backyards. The course discusses creative ways to use historic sites within the Journey Through Hallowed Ground region and examines how local places transform the way students think and see history. 

  • Living Legacy Tree Planting Project

    In commemoration of the sesquicentennial, the Journey Through Hallowed Ground is planting one tree in honor of each of the 620,000 soldiers that perished during the American Civil War.  Each tree is geo-tagged and electronically linked to the Honor Wall page of the soldier it is dedicated to. 

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