The Journey Through Hallowed Ground

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Battle of Second Manassas (1862/2012)

In this series, sixth-grade students from Stonewall Middle School in Manassas, Virginia, interpret the Battle of Second Manassas through staggering statistics and through the eyes of ordinary citizens and soldiers who all fought for the ideals they believed in.

Manassas Filming
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  • Fifth New York Zouaves

    The Zouaves were an elite fighting unit who suffered the single greatest loss of life in any infantry regiment in the Civil War. At the Battle of Second Manassas, almost three-quarters of the unit was killed in just eight minutes. 

  • Amanda Virginia Edmonds

    Students interpret how to overcome difficult circumstances through the use of a diary written in 1862.

  • Iron Brigade vs. Stonewall Brigade

    Students look beyond troop numbers of these two brigades — considered to be the toughest in their respective armies — to tell the story of just two of these brave men.

  • Germ Warfare

    With disease killing more soldiers than bullets, students explore what could have been considered the single greatest weapon against death in the Civil War: simple sanitary procedures in the treatment of the wounded.

  • Fight for What You Believe

    James Peters, a freedom seeker from Prince William County eventually becomes a member of the United States Colored Troops. When his widow applies for a military pension, she is denied for the exact reason her husband fought for the Union.

  • Jack Sterry, the Jessie Scout

    Through the first-person account of a Confederate soldier in 1862, the students bring to life the story of a Union spy.

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