The Journey Through Hallowed Ground

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C & O Canal (1862/2012)

Eighth-grade students from Springfield Middle School in Williamsport, Maryland, created Vodcasts that commemorate the 150th anniversary of the American Civil War. 

This project was created and led by the Journey Through Hallowed Ground Partnership with support from the National Endowment for the Humanities, HISTORY [Channel], Richard R. Reynolds Foundation, and Washington County Public School District.\

C&O Student
Watch our vodcasts below
  • Deadly Suspicion

    By interpreting just one tragic instance, the students share the consequence that can happen when people judge one another without knowing or trying to learn the true story.

  • Freedom Seekers

    Through research, music and folklore, students interpreted how the C & O Canal was used by those seeking freedom from bondage.

  • John Brown’s Bell

    In this vodcast, students discover that a symbol of freedom was stored right in their hometown and have now shared that story with the world.

  • Answering the Call

    Through diaries, photographs and hands-on learning, students understand the workings of the canal and gain insight of the life of those along the waterway. 

  • Civil War in Williamsport

    Students focused on how entire towns were overrun during the Civil War and how homes and churches were used as hospitals—and how many wounded never made it that far.

  • Women on the Canal

    Students learned that in many instances, young people like themselves were the engine of our 19th century commerce.

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