The Journey Through Hallowed Ground

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Gettysburg (1863/2013)

In this series, students from Gettysburg Area Middle School in Gettysburg, Pennsylvania, interpret the history surrounding the Battle of Gettysburg by depicting events that transpired during the Battle of Gettysburg, found in primary source documents.

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Watch our vodcasts below
  • Shriver: The Faces of Family During War

    Shriver is the story of a modern soldier and daughter who take a tour of the Shriver House Museum in Gettysburg. They are told of the Shrivers, a Gettysburg family heavily affected by the Civil War- a war that would land on their front steps. George Shriver joins the Union, leaving his wife Hettie, and his two daughters, Mollie and Sadie, to fight the war on the home front. The war would forever change George and his family.

  • Black Ducks: Secretly Paving a Path to Freedom

    Black Ducks is the story of the unofficial white fraternity of Gettysburg College during the 1860s. They were known as Beta Delta, but rumors suggest they were actually called the Black Ducks and were secretly aiding freedom seekers. It was also said that the African American college janitor, John "Jack" Hopkins, aided the Black Ducks. The Black Ducks risked everything they had, even their lives, to ensure others could live freely. 

  • Signal Corps: The Importance of Communication

    Signal Corps tells the story of how Union soldiers would have used flag signaling during the Battle of Gettysburg as a successful means of communication. The students relate how signaling is still used to communicate today and how life would exist without modern communication tools. 

  • Barlow and Gordon: From Civil War Enemies to Lifelong Friends

    Barlow & Gordon is the story of how two enemies, during the Battle of Gettysburg, became lifelong friends. John. B. Gordon, a Confederate general, watches Francis C. Barlow, a Union Brigadier General, get shot. He takes interest in the wounded Barlow and approaches him. At Barlow's request, Gordon agrees to have his letters delivered to his wife. The two men would eventually assume each other to be dead. Fast forward 15 years, Gordon is a U.S. Senator and is invited to a dinner party, where he is astonished by the presence of Barlow.

  • Frozen in Time: Art that Inspires

    Frozen in Time puts a new twist into the meaning of learning. Embark on a musical adventure that brings the story of the great sculptor Gutzon Borglum to life. From the creation of the North Carolina Monument in Gettysburg, Pennsylvania, to the famous Mount Rushmore, we are shown how art can inspire us all and be used as a tool for learning. And, what better way to teach and learn history than to sing and dance about it!

  • Markers in Time: From Civil War to Civil Rights

    Markers in Time focuses on the legacy of the Battle of Gettysburg and subsequent events. Keying in on President Lincoln's Gettysburg Address, the students saw his speech as an inspiration to the leaders that came to Gettysburg after him for the 50th, 75th, and 100th anniversary commemorations, as well as the present leaders who continue to lead by Lincoln's words, and the future leaders of America, including their fellow 7th graders.

  • Comcast Newsmakers: JTHG's Of, By, For at Gettysburg (2013)

    Comcast Newsmakers produced this wonderful overview of JTHG's Of the Student, By the Student, For the Student® project with Gettysburg Area Middle School during the 2012-13 school year, including visits to Gettysburg National Military Park and the Shriver House Museum. 

  • OBF Gettysburg Teaser

    This trailer highlights all six vodcasts that have been created by students from Gettysburg Area Middle School as part of the Of the Student, By the Student, For the Student Project that commemorates the 150th anniversary of the Battle of Gettysburg.

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