The Journey Through Hallowed Ground

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Red Fox Inn

Built in 1728, the tavern was located at the half-way point between Alexandria and the frontier town of Winchester, along what is today known as the John Mosby Highway.  Chinn's Ordinary soon became a popular stopping-point for traveling colonists, and around 1748 was visited by an enthusiastic young surveyor named George Washington.    
During the Civil War, General Jeb Stuart met with Colonel John Mosby and his famous Mounted Rangers. At the beginning of the Gettysburg campaign, as fierce cavalry battles raged around Middleburg, the inn served as both headquarters and as a hospital for the Confederates. While strategy was planned upstairs in the Jeb Stuart Room, wounded soldiers were cared for in the tavern rooms below. The pine service bar, in use today in the Tap Room, was made from the field operating table used by an Army surgeon who served with General Stuart's cavalry.   
The Jeb Stuart Room served as the stage for a rare press conference by President Kennedy and as a meeting room for hopeful Democrats hosted by Ambassador Pamela Harriman, a local fox-hunting resident; Elizabeth Taylor often graced the Tap Room during her courtship and marriage to a local gentleman, Senator John Warner; and Jacqueline Kennedy Onassis frequently stayed at the Inn during fox-hunting holidays each fall. Today, film and music celebrities are often seen in the hotel and dining rooms.


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2 E. Washington St
Middleburg, Virginia 20117
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