The Journey Through Hallowed Ground

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Become a JTHG Certified Tourism Ambassador

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Tourism is one of the largest employers within the JTHG National Heritage Area — a region 180 miles long and 75 miles wide, spanning four states from Gettysburg to Monticello. To transform a good visitor experience into an exceptional one, The Journey Through Hallowed Ground Partnership has developed the JTHG Certified Tourism Ambassador (CTA) Program to train those who interact with visitors to our National Parks, Civil War battlefields, charming Main Street communities, and historic sites. Join our large network of Certified Tourism Ambassadors.

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The CTA hospitality program is a half-day interactive class, supported by extensive reference material. Classes are taught by JTHG Partnership staff and CTA alumni.  Once frontline personnel successfully complete the specialized training course, they will be recognized as Certified Tourism Ambassadors, which is a nationally recognized designation.

CTAs enjoy exclusive access to our online database and network, along with discounts to businesses and historic attractions along the Journey. These benefits are incentives to explore and experience the rest of the region firsthand. 
To maintain your CTA designation, CTAs are encouraged to:

  • Visit JTHG National Heritage Area attractions. 
  • Tour local museums.
  • Attend CTA networking events.
  • Use CTA discounts at local businesses.

Graduates of the program are well versed in the professional standards of customer service as well as the many unique features of the JTHG National Heritage Area. These experienced and engaging Certified Tourism Ambassadors provide quality service and top-flight hospitality to visitors, leading them to stay longer, visit more sites, tell their friends about their terrific experience, and even return to the region. 

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