Lesson Plans & Guides

The Journey Through Hallowed Ground provides comprehensive lesson plans designed to challenge and engage students as they examine the people, events, and ideals that shaped American history in the Journey Through Hallowed Ground National Heritage Area. Students may learn what daily life was like at Thomas Jefferson’s Monticello, or how Abraham Lincoln’s Emancipation Proclamation changed the course of the Civil War. These sorts of immersive activities allow each student to develop his or her own opinions on key moments in our nation’s history.

In addition to meeting local and national social studies standards, these age-specific lesson plans feature the following: Innovative ways for teachers and students to study and visit historic sites along the corridor.

  • Authentic experiences at historical sites and interaction with historical experts.
  • Compelling content that challenges students to analyze primary source documents and apply lessons to contemporary situations.
  • Integration of technology and creativity into the classroom.
speaker giving a presentation to students
view from below the lincoln memorial

JTHG Field Trips

Field trip guides offer great ideas for educational experiences, as well as details and logistics for visits to sites within the Journey. Be sure to contact each site directly when arranging field trips.