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Ernie’s Texas Lunch


Gettysburg, PA

Blue Parrot Bistro

Bars & Cafes

Gettysburg, PA

Understated and comfortably hip, with a bar in front and a single pool table between the bar and dining room, which is lined on both sides with booths. For lunch, a variety of soups, sandwiches, and salads—the chicken souvlaki salad is a yummy garlicky pile of food. Dinner entrees include vegetarian selections. Music at night.

Avenue Restaurant


Gettysburg, PA

This family-style restaurant is a Gettysburg tradition; good homemade food in an immaculate dining room.

Soldiers’ National Cemetery

Historical Sites, Historical Sites

Gettysburg, PA

Across from the battlefield visitor center, this peaceful knoll overlooking the town is where Abraham Lincoln delivered the Gettysburg Address in 1863. The cemetery came about of necessity.

Wills House

Historical Homes, Historical Sites, Museums, Presidential Homes & Sites, Historical Homes, Historical Sites, Museums, Presidential Homes & Sites

Gettysburg, PA

Yes, Lincoln really did sleep here. This three-story brick Federal is the home where President Lincoln stayed on the occasion of his cemetery dedication address.

The Rupp House

Historical Homes, Historical Sites, Museums, Historical Homes, Historical Sites, Museums

Gettysburg, PA

Through interactive exhibits that use sight, sound, touch and even smell, Rupp House History Center guests are able to immerse themselves in 19th-century culture and learn about the civilians and the soldiers who struggled here and the preservation work that is critical to understanding the Battle of Gettysburg.

The Fairfield Inn 1757

Historical Sites, Historical Sites

Bed & Breakfast

Fairfield, PA

Located on the Confederate Retreat from Gettysburg, July 4, 1863, the Inn was built over 250 years ago and is one of only five in America that has been in continuous operation since the 1700’s.

Soldier’s National Museum

Historical Sites, Museums, Historical Sites, Museums

Gettysburg, PA

A showcase of the Civil War, the Soldier’s National Museum displays a large collection of artifacts and memorabilia from not only the Civil War, but other major American conflicts. The museum also features beautifully crafted miniature dioramas of ten major conflicts of the Civil War as well as a life-sized narrated Confederate encampment. The museum […]

Shadwell Estate Historic Marker

Historical Sites, Presidential Homes & Sites, Historical Sites, Presidential Homes & Sites

Charlottesville, VA

Peter Jefferson acquired the land in 1735, and built the house about 1737. Thomas Jefferson was born here, April 13, 1743. He lived here, 1743-1745, and 1752-1770. The house burned in 1770, and Jefferson then moved to Monticello.

Sach’s Covered Bridge

Historical Sites, Historical Sites

Gettysburg, PA

Located off Pumping Station Road, this bridge is thought to have been built by David Stoner in 1852. Used by both Union and Confederate Troops during the Civil War Battle of Gettysburg, July 1-3, 1863. Visitors today can walk across the lattice bridge, which spans 100 feet in length. For more information, please contact info@gettysburg.

Oakley and Fat Nancy Wreck Historical Markers

Historical Sites, Historical Sites

Orange, VA

The first marker recognizes the significance of the Oakley residence, the central portion of which was built by Dr. Richard Thomas shortly after he bought the surrounding land in 1843.

Majestic Performing Arts Center

Historical Sites, Historical Sites

Gettysburg, PA

Eighty years ago, the doors of the Majestic Theater opened for the first time, welcoming audiences to the largest vaudeville and silent movie theater in south-central Pennsylvania.