The Journey Through Hallowed Ground

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Harpers Ferry (1859/2009)

Based on their hands-on experiences in Harpers Ferry National Historical Park and analysis of primary source documents, approximately 70 Harpers Ferry Middle School kids served as writers, editors, photographers, choreographers, set designers, videographers, and even public relations representatives to produce and promote six mini-documentaries, or vodcasts, depicting their understanding of the famous 1859 John Brown Raid in Harpers Ferry, which set-off fighting in the American Civil War.

After five months of work, the students were ready to unveil their work.  On June 25th, 2009, Robert G. Stanton, Deputy Assistant Secretary of the Department of the Interior and Director of the Office of Youth joined the JTHG Partnership in Harpers Ferry National Historical Park for the official unveiling. 

He said, “On behalf of Secretary of the Interior, Ken Salazar and President Obama, I want to commend the students of Harpers Ferry.  Students, you exemplify the spirit of service, you exemplify what Dr. King would remind us is the most urgent question that we face collectively and individually; What are you, what am I, what are we doing for others?  That is the most urgent question of all. What you are giving of yourselves for this noble cause of preservation stands as a hallmark which I will share beyond the state of West Virginia, beyond the state of Virginia, beyond Maryland and Washington D.C.  If they want to see an example, if they want to see a model of citizen engagement, a connection to our youth, they only have to come to Harpers Ferry.”

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