Past Youth Education Initiatives

Of the Student,
By the Student,
For the Student™ Program

The Of the Student, By the Student, For the Student™ Program is a nationally recognized, award-winning in-school service-learning program that offered students a full immersion in American history and heritage.

Eighth-grade students found themselves onsite in the Journey Through Hallowed Ground National Heritage Area, bringing the stories of those who came before them to life in videos that they wrote, produced, shot, and edited under the guidance of JTHG professionals. The resulting mini-movies, or Vodcasts, offer a permanent record of the students’ personal experiences and interpretations.

child in civil war era soldier's uniform with rapier on his back

Time Trek
Augmented Reality

“Time Trekker” is an augmented reality app that helps young visitors and families become immersed in the important events and characters throughout Harpers Ferry’s history.

students using a cell phone for the augmented reality trek

Healing Through History:
Shackles to Scholars

The “Healing Through History: Shackles to Scholars” project explores the importance of Harpers Ferry in African American history through vibrant works of student-created art.

student presenting his painting