The Journey Through Hallowed Ground

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Brunswick, MD


The area now known as Brunswick was originally home to the Susquehanna Indians of the Iroquois tribe. In 1728 the first settlement was built, and the region became known as Eel Town, because the natives would fish for eel in the Potomac River. Established along the Chesapeake and Ohio Canal, the town became a hub for the Baltimore and Ohio Railroad, which built a six mile long rail yard along the Potomac from 1891 to 1912, boosting the population to over 5,000, and making Brunswick virtually a company town. The railroad reduced its yard operations in the 1950s. Today Brunswick is home to a commuter rail station serving Washington, D.C., and also home of the Brunswick Railroad Museum that shows the history of the city, and is home of a large model railroad showing why the city's location was important to the railroad.

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