Museum of Culpeper History

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The Museum of Culpeper History showcases the rich history and interprets the significant events that shapes Culpeper today. From the dinosaurs that roamed the area during the Triassic period to the soldiers that camped and fought here during the Civil War there is so much to discover!

Important Civil War battles were fought in Culpeper County at Cedar Mountain, Kelly's Ford and Brandy Station and within what is now the Town of Culpeper. In fact, there were more than 160 skirmishes in and around Culpeper during the War.

The Museum offers a large variety of state-of-the-art exhibits including displays of 215 million-year-old dinosaurs tracks discovered in a local quarry, American Indian artifacts, exhibits on the legendary Culpeper Minutemen of the American

Revolution, and Culpeper's rich Civil War history as seen through the eyes of Culpeper's citizens and soldiers.

Adjacent to the Museum is the Burgandine House (c.1750), a restored log cabin considered to be the oldest house in the town of Culpeper. The Museum Gift Shop offers souvenirs, keepsakes and educational materials and the grounds have ample green space for picnicking and outdoor programs.

Museum of Culpeper History

113 S. Commerce St.
Culpeper, VA 22701

Culpeper County, VA